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eScan Antivirus 14.0.1400.2228 Best Antivirus This Years - eScan Antivirus is virus-fighting software that is also equipped with special technology to ward off ransomware. Inside there are five protection modules to provide multiple layers of protection so that it is very unlikely that your computer will catch a virus.

eScan Antivirus which uses Bitdefender's engine to detect the virus was developed by a security company called MicroWorld based in Mumbai, a city located in India. To install eScan Antivirus, at least you have to prepare 1 GB of free hard disk space.

EScan Antivirus feature

The first protection module provided by eScan Antivirus is the File Anti-Virus module. Its job is to monitor data traffic on the computer in real time. When this module detects a file or software whose activity is suspicious, the file can be immediately deleted or quarantined first. eScan Antivirus can also be set to only show notifications in these situations.

The File Anti-Virus module also includes a feature to protect folders . Folders that you put under protection will be locked so that no one else will be able to create new files in them. Files that are already in that folder will no longer be editable. It is also impossible to erase it.

Still in the same module, the Exclusion feature is available to mark files and folders that don't need to be scanned. The more files and folders you put in the exclusion list, the faster the scanning process will be completed. Another way to speed up scanning is to activate the option to ignore very large files.

eScan Antivirus uses a database that contains various virus definitions for scanning. A heuristic analysis method is also available but has a different name, namely Code Analyzer. The scanning process will take longer if you activate the heuristic method, but this method has a more reliable ability to detect new variants of viruses.

To anticipate the worst that could happen at any time, eScan Antivirus is able to back up Windows system files. This backup is useful for restoring system files that are infected by viruses and cannot be repaired. The number of files that can be backed up can be limited, while the backup itself is done automatically as long as the free space on the hard drive can accommodate new files.

Download eScan Antivirus

Other protection modules available are Mail Anti-Virus to protect computers from virus-infected email, Anti-Spam to identify spam among email messages that enter your inbox, Cloud Protection to detect viruses using cloud technology, and Firewall. which you can customize.

Its complete security features make eScan Antivirus an attractive choice among today's popular antivirus products. Download the latest and free eScan Antivirus via the link below:

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