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Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android

Download Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android

Download Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android

Information : Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android
Genre 3D, SImulation
Version 7.10.65
Devoloper Game Insight
Requires Android 4.2 And Up To Recomended
Size 144 MB
Features Of Mod Unlimited Money, Oil & Energy
Update 20/01/2020

Want to see detailed information from Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android? You Can See Below Well. The latest version of Airport City Which has been MOD APK.

[ Description : Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android ]

Aircraft games, no matter what genre, are popular with the gaming community. It’s clear that flight simulator games like Infinite Flight or air combat like Modern Warplanes are all very popular. Because aircraft is a machine helps humans reach and master the sky. And it would be great if you today know Airport City (MOD Unlimited Money), where you can “master” the sky with thousands of planes.

Airport City is a perfect choice for those who love the plane. Although there are no fierce and bloody battles, it makes players attracted to 2 modes. You can build a city with huge airports and thousands of small and large airplanes. In addition, during the management process, you will be taken around the world, explore new lands, meet many people and build your airport tycoon.

Build your dream airport
As a management game, Airport City gives players a great experience in the aviation industry. In the game, the most important task of the player is to turn a small town into a modern metropolis with the largest and best airports in the world. To do that, you must first understand how to operate a flight as well as manage an airport. It will not be simple at all! Because to build an airport, things like runways, air traffic control towers, hangars are all very important.

Airport City Gameplay
Moreover, building an airport from a small, cramped town would definitely cost a lot of money. Whatever you do, the first step is always very difficult. So don’t be discouraged! When you have fully equipped the basic facilities and welcome the first passengers, you will be very happy. Your next task is to improve and upgrade buildings, own more planes to build the largest airport city in the world.

The main purpose of Airport City and every other simulation management game is making lots of money and become rich. But to be rich, you have to invest a lot of planes and have lots of flights to everywhere. Each flight will bring you money from passengers. With that money, you can use it to unlock dozens of different types of aircraft. From Boeing aircraft, jet aircraft or intercontinental aircraft, etc. All are very diverse in colors and designs for you to choose freely.

However, owning many aircraft also means you have to expand the airport, runways, garages to accommodate a large number of aircraft. In addition, you have to pay more than repair fees, fuel, and machinery for the aircraft to work well. When the quality of each flight is improved, you will have many customers and become rich. Building the largest airport city in the world is a long journey but look, it is not too difficult, right?

Besides unlocking new aircraft, you can explore new places. Create a fleet of aircraft to adventure to new lands. Each journey is not only a tour of passengers but it is also an opportunity for you to bring back rare treasures. There is a quest system that collects antiques and items everywhere. And when completed, a special collection that many people dream of will be in your hands.

Of course, the most important task of a business tycoon is still to get rich. So, find out more attractive tourist destinations to attract more visitors. In particular, in the process of controlling the sky, you can send missions to outer space. Thereby, you will receive more gold coins and interesting gifts. A true tycoon will not stop at just getting rich on the ground.

Possessing realistic and colorful graphics, Airport City takes you to famous landmarks in the world such as pyramids, castles or palaces, … It can be said that the improved image quality will help Airport City become an adventure game, not just a simulation game.

Final verdict
There is no bloody fighting like the current famous games, exciting and meaning experiences is what attracts players of Airport City. Make unique flights, build a strong city, explore many parts of the world and complete your own special collection, … The world of Airport City with lots of interesting things and surprise is waiting for you. Do not miss!

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[ Description on PlayStore  ]
Airport City is much more than your average simulator. It takes the best of two worlds in just the right proportions: the sense of adventure from airplane games, and the need to plan strategically from the city building games. If you’re starting to think that there are things beyond farming, put your farm sim on hold and start building your city with the best airport in the world! We know how plane games can become repetitive over time, so we are constantly improving this city building sim, to make our players always engaged both on the ground and in the air.

Whether you want to try out the role of an air tycoon or an airline commander, you’ll find something to love about Airport City. Build a modern international-class terminal to send an airplane to whatever corner of the world you want. Just get your plane in the air, and choose where it lands. To make your travels memorable, you can bring back rare artifacts and unique collections. See how many souvenirs can fit in one plane!

But it’s not just a flight simulator—you’ll have to apply your outstanding management skills to develop all supporting infrastructure too! Take care of an entire city next to it, to provide your airport all the required services. And if the Earth one day becomes too small for you, build a launchpad and send rockets to outer space!

If what you’re looking for in city building games is peaceful gameplay and interactions, this sim is exactly what you need. Social features are an important part of the game. You can create alliances with other players to complete joint quests and participate in competitions. Just find a fellow airline commander from a neighboring city and make your gaming experience twice as much fun! The regular updates with new models of aircraft, buildings and new destinations, will become an infinite source of entertainment.

Download Airport City and see for yourself how this simulator stands out among other airplane games and city building games.

✔ Test your airline commander skills and develop your own airport. Erect a huge terminal to send your planes to different parts of the world, then construct a launchpad to explore outer space!
✔ Take on the role of the ultimate airline tycoon. Build a city and collect profits to support the needs of the airport. If you can handle a farm or a restaurant, you can surely handle an awesome terminal!
✔ Enjoy managing an international transport hub, with lots of unique buildings and travel destinations. Improve infrastructure to increase the number of travelers.
✔ Interact with like-minded players who enjoy airplane games just like you. Create alliances, and participate in special events. Be the famous business tycoon you always wanted to be!
✔ Explore the world with your plane. Travel to your favorite destinations and bring home unique collections.

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Demons have spawned around Airport City! Get your hands on Firecrackers and banish them before they spoil the holiday. Help Victoria construct a beautiful Dragon Installation near the city. Complete the adventure and get the Pagoda as a reward!


Fly to China, complete quests and get Red Envelopes. You can exchange them for the Emperor’s Tower, Statue of Wealth and other amazing buildings at a special store.

Download : Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) For Android

Airport City MOD APK 7.10.65 ( MOD Unlimited Money) =>> DOWNLOAD
Airport City APK ( Original in Playstore) =>> DOWNLOAD


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